Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mmmmm, Relaxation

So, to reward myself for making that middle number move twice (downward, that is), I decided to treat myself to a massage. I've only had one so far, at the Body Klinic, and it was nothing less than orgasmic. But N, my constant partner in crime, said if I thought that was good, I had to try Tabu Salon and Spa. We'd been planning on going for a while, but I always cancelled at the last minute, in favor of another trip or because I hadn't reached my self imposed goal. When I came to the realization that the raw vegan me has not only shattered my diet and exercise goal, but also had weathered some personal and professional storms, too, I decided we couldn't put it off any longer.

We got the Summer Retreat Package on Friday, which was a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure, adding up to over 3 hours of bliss. I started with the massage. We were a little late, so instead of 45 minutes, I got 30. No worries, Jackie to great care of me. She kept the conversation going, teaching me about pressure points and the web of the body along the way. I was already making plans for a 90 minute session.

But then, I had my facial with Brenda. She was so efficient and relaxing at the same time (as she should be, she's been doing it for 17 years). I got a massaging facial as opposed to an extracting one, which more than made up for the 15 minutes I missed with Jackie. I felt like I was glowing from the chest up. My face and shoulders were so smooth. Facials are officially my new favorite thing. Brenda recommends people get them every 3 months, and I totally plan on taking her up on that.

Last was my mani/pedi with Michelle. It was great, but after the wonderful massage and facial, it couldn't help but be anticlimactic. I did get paraffin wax for the first time. Very cool! In the mani/pedi category, it's hard to compete with the places that do it exclusively, but Tabu and Michelle, did pretty well. If nothing else, she took her time and I didn't feel rushed.

I met up with N a few minutes after settling my bill and we compared notes. Already big fans of the massage, we agreed that it was too short and wanted to try a full session. And we both want to make visits to Brenda a part of our wellness plans. But more importantly, we agreed that at $125, it was more than worth it, even with the shorter massage, and we should try to get back in a month or so.

Who knew that spa sessions left you so hungry? So we moved down the street to the Continental. I didn't think I'd keep vegan, but we shared a salad and hummus (so good!). Then dessert came. I got a vanilla parfait in a shot glass. Not vegan, but good either way.

So, I'm like a pound away from the 20 lb. mark. It's such a big milestone, I can't believe I'm so close. I can actually see myself making that middle number move a THIRD time. Eid is about six weeks away, and that's going to be my time frame for the next move. I have a fabulous dress that I plan to have altered so that it fits the new me. And surviving my first raw vegan Ramadan would also be the perfect occasion for another massage and facial. Mmmmm, I can't wait. I'll have to check with N, and maybe TP since he was left out this time around.

Up next: the S&M Labor Day Raw Weekend Extravaganza!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Instead of placing his hand over his heart, Michael Phelps cups his boob. My type of guy...