Saturday, January 19, 2008


Well, its been a long, tiring week, which may explain why I feel no reason to leave the house right about now.

It started earlier this week, training some people in NYC. It was mentally and physically draining, lots of talking/discussing/arguing, lots of walking/taxi hailing. And of course, when I got back into the office, I had a ton of work to catch up on. And its the end of the fiscal year, so I had to make sure all things financial were at least out of my bucket.

I haven't worked out in almost a week, my apartment is a mess, and even though I've had raw breakfasts and lunches almost all week, my body feels toxic. I'm craving junk. I don't want to lose my momentum, so I'm newly dedicating myself to my raw fitness this weekend, looking for new recipes so that I can be set for the week.

I'm also contemplating giving up coffee. There's been a wave of bad coffee at the office and I take that as a sign that I shouldn't have it so much. Plus, it doesn't have the same effect on me. It doesn't help my system, doesn't give me a buzz. So, maybe its time to let it go. Probably for tea. And caffeinated. Cmon, I gotta have something! And I'm on the fence about the creamer. Black tea is still quite bitter.

So the plan for the weekend looks like this: grocery shopping, cleaning, bill paying, shower planning, exercising, sleeping, done. Hmmm, that's a lot...