Sunday, February 3, 2008

Before their deflowering

My new running shoes were a gift from my father and I am so grateful. The way my budget is progressing, I probably would have put off getting a new pair until March. And I'm not in the habit of asking my father for money, or help in general; he has enough people that do that. But I guess he felt bad when he got himself a new pair and I metioned how I felt that the spring was gone out of my old ones. We do most, if not all of our runs together, so its kinda fitting I think.

We have a new benchmark. Our runs have been coming in under 26 minutes, even after a week off. Amazing! I'm feeling pretty good with Broad Street 3 months off. I gotta get in some long runs and some strength and core training and insha Allah I'll get my sub-2 hour time.

Also, I think I need to make lunch break workouts a habit, for the greater good. I go stir crazy in the office, especially when its nice outside, and I take it out on my coworkers. So funkiness be damned, I've got to get it in.