Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Week 2 and I'm All Thai-ed Out

Anyone who knows me knows I have a seriously love affair with Thai food. I could eat it every day, possibly for every meal (with a Thai iced coffee and mango with sticky rice for breakfast). I have made it my mission to explore and rate every Thai restaurant in the Philadelphia area. And one of the great things about Thai food is that it's hard to mess up. Even the worse Thai is usually good Thai. So when N suggested we try a place in Ardmore for lunch, I happily grabbed my bag, raw diet and all.

My first sign that something was wrong should have came when I looked over the appetizer selection and saw no vegetarian options. Same goes for the soup. And only one meatless salad. Most Thai places have so many vegetarian options, they need their own separate menu. I ordered the $7 lunch special: a cabbage and peanut salad, a vegetable roll, and something called Siam Yam Noodles (supposedly mixed veggies and sautéed rice noodles). My next sign: while eating the cabbage salad, I had no inclination to touch the veggie roll, my only thought was "I should have just ordered the cabbage salad".

When my main course came, a smell wafted up that made me slightly nauseous (another sign) and the first bite wasn't very appealing. I had a few more bites before I decided that it was best to chalk this one up as a loss. Oh, and did I mention there was egg mixed in. Bummer. I'm a pretty dedicated member of the clean plate club, so when N saw me give up not even a third of the way through, she got suspicious. I haven't clued anyone at work in on my raw quest, though you'd think the abundance of bananas on my desk would give me away. They're just too far from any type of healthy diet, more interested in indulging in what the culinary world has to offer. So, I probably won't say anything unless I have to.

I don't know if it's too soon to be having such strong reactions when I vary my diet, but between the sugar rush Sunday night and the nausea today, I'm considering going 100% raw. I just don't like the way other food makes me feel. Some people say that our environment is too polluted to be 100% raw, and that makes sense. But I think I'll do maybe one non-raw meal a week, when I go out or something.

Now back to reading the blogs of my fellow raw foodies...