Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hail no!

This happened months ago, but it's still a fun story...

After a grueling lifeguard training session, a nice Chipotle lunch,
and a movie, all with Things 1 & 2, I still wasn't ready to call it a
day. Since the weather was so nice(70 degrees, bright and sunny) I
decided to do some grocery shopping and other random errands I'd been
putting off.

I was on my way home, just finished fussing with my dad for wasting
the beautiful weather and not going for a run. It couldn't have been
more than 30 minutes, 45 tops, when the sky practically fell. That's
the only way to describe it. The sky went from clear blue to dark,
looming, and grey. The wind picked up and I decided there would be no
more stops, I just needed to get home before the rain.

So much for that. First, a few big drops. Then I saw a torrent of rain
making it's way towards me. All of a sudden, something hit my car
roof. A branch, I thought. But then it happened again. And again,
getting harder and more frequent. What the eff, I thought. Was my
windshield going to hold up? I couldn't decide whether to keep driving
of seek shelter. But there was none to seek! Other cars just rode by
as if nothing was happening. As usual, mom came to the rescue. I was a
block away, and even without leaves, her block gave quite a bit of