Friday, July 11, 2008

Mission Accomplished (and then some...)

Well, I did it. I've been more than 80% raw and 99% vegan (eggs in Thai food, butter in a dessert, that's it) for the last month. Not only do I feel great; not only have I finally cleared a major weight hurdle (10 lbs. of excess gone!); after a total of 5 hours in line, I ALSO have (drum roll, please)...

I am now the proud owner of a 16gb white iPhone 3g! That's iWhitey to you. Unlike last year, the lines were hundreds of people long, even in tiny Ardmore. I would have taken pics, but I was too tired from standing in the 90 degree plus heat for 3 hours. The other two hours I clocked before work and was unsuccessful at two AT&T stores. The Apple people were so much nicer anyway. They gave out SmartWater (of course) and Starbucks coffee (I held strong, even with free). I also got to spend some quality time with W, who I haven't seen in ages (and by that I mean weeks). I convinced her to get a 16 instead of an 8 gig, so I hope she's happy too. But meanwhile...

As with all impossible missions (theme music plays), just as soon as one ends, another mission begins. I'm going to stay on my raw and vegan, at least until all my excess weight is gone. Should be interesting to see where my body stops, seeing as how I'm not very tall. But I've also got the Nike Women's Marathon looming. October is fast approaching and even though Runner's World says my training should have started on June 30th, I'm giving myself a pass and starting when? Tomorrow, of course! From an article in Runner's World (which I can't find a link to, help please) I got the idea of paying myself a dollar for every mile a run (marathon included) and using the proceeds to treat myself to a San Fran shopping spree (NikeTown, anyone?).

So I got to thinking: I'm already registered for the race, I need to get back on my grind. Why not act like I know and start training? And why not do it ninja style, not missing a beat, right after my 'Raw Apple Quest' (why did that name just come to me)?

Therefore, insha Allah, tomorrow morning, relatively early and hopefully not so bright, I'll log my first few miles. I've got no high hopes, just a few miles to start working the kinks out. And on that note, iWhitey and I are going to bed (he likes to snuggle).