Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Bad!

Almost a whole month between blog posts. Oops, didn't notice. SO! The biggest news of my day is that that middle number of my poundage has dropped once again! Yes, my third drop in five months! I'm so excited. If my last drop put me into territory that I couldn't recall, then this drop is defintely foreign. I don't remember ever being this small. I was feeling so powerful, I went and ran four miles. And I can't stop singing. And I even told both of my parents (very rare).

Last night at dinner, the Broad Street Run came up and it looks like not only do I have a squad, but I also have a finish line cheerleader. The idea of an out of town race was also introduced and you know how I love to travel, not to mention how I love Colorado. And there's a 5 mile Turkey Trot a few days after my birthday that's calling my name.

The moral of this month's story is that last year may not have been that fruitful, but there's a new one right around the corner. I can redo all the things that didn't go my way last year. And I'll give myself a few weeks to continue to reflect, but after that it's back to living my life to the fullest, embracing the possibilities.

And as a treat, here's the song I've been humming to myself for the past few days: 'I'm Yours' by my fellow raw vegan, Jason Mraz...