Friday, November 21, 2008

Who's Keeping Count?

So I've been seriously raw vegan for almost six months now, but my
journey started a year ago when I tried Natalia Rose's Raw Food Detox
Diet. The biggest casualty, after my wardrobe, seems to be the dead
blenders I leave in my wake. I'm up to number 3 this year alone.

Now I know my fellow raw foodies will say "Duh, just get a Vita-Mix".
To which I reply "Duh, just give me $400", because that's the going
price, even used. So until I can afford that commercial grade blending
wonder, I'm sticking to the budget and doing a little consumer
research at the same time.

My last Oster blender (which I chose because of the Amazon reviews)
did me pretty good. It lasted 6 months. The motor never died, although
it got pretty hot and it blended everything I threw into it, big or
small. It did sound like a mac truck barreling through my kitchen, but

So I decided to try another Oster, but a little further up the food
chain at $70 ($60 on sale). The pitcher is a little bigger and it has
more settings so I don't spend all night scraping 3 tablespoons of
dressing off the inside.

We'll see how it holds up to my green smoothie making, but for now I'm
at least in strong like of my newest addition...