Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why, oh why...

Goodness, I have so many blog posts to catch up on. Really, I have so much stuff to catch up on just in general. It seems like the only area I've stayed up on are workouts and even those have failed since Monday. So where to begin?

Let's talk about my fabulous shopping trip with my best and only sister. I made it through my shopping moratorium successfully and as a result, was in dire need of clothes that fit from head to toe. TMI alert. Even my bras were too big. I did get bras the weekend before, but they were such a necessity, I didn't think twice. And I went to TJ Maxx. I was never a fan of stores like that, I'm too OCD to look through the racks, but as my shopping eye gets better and the deals more apparent, I'm becoming a serious fan. Nike workout pants: not $60, but $25!?! Yes, I will gladly look through tons of ugly items and suffer the allergies. But the best part went something like this:

Me: Ooooh, look, Nike pants! And they're only $25!

Mom: Great!

Me: Aww, they're a small. (I was looking in the medium section)

Mom: Try them on anyway, Nike runs kind of big.

Me: MOTHER, I have been wearing Nike for how long? They run big but not that big. See my thighs?

Mom: Just try them on, and yes, I see you're thighs.

*Later, in the fitting room, after realizing just how much the boobage had declined, I got up the nerve and did the deed.

Me: OMG! O-M-G!

Mom: What?

Me: They fit! I can't believe it! They fit! I can fit a small! I'm getting them.

Mom: I told you.

Me: Yeah, but still, some things are just crazy.

Mom: You know how people have skinny glasses? You have fat glasses. Moni, you are not that big.

Me: I know, now I really just have a big personality.

So that was that. I rode a high like no other and have a new fave pair of workout pants. The next weekend, me and my sister ventured out to the Phila. Premium Outlets for the first time. I knew I need pants, since I had been surviving on jeans for the past 4 months, and I also wanted to see what the Nike Outlet had to offer. I know, my green side says Nike is bad, bad, bad. But dammit, they make a great product! The drive wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, only about 10min past King of Prussia and I probably could have cut 5min off of that if the new streets were actually in my Garmin. Note to self: get off at the exit AFTER the one Jemima tells you to. Anywhooo, the Banana Republic Factory Store was a small zoo but I found 4 pair of pants to try on. And here's where my story gets great. First of all, I am the proud owner of pants that are a size… drum roll, please… A SIZE 6!!! Can you believe it? I almost can't I'm still a good 3-5 lbs. (damned water weight) from my goal weight but apparently there is some muscle or something, because I am officially in the single digits! And BR is now officially my favorite brand. AND this was on the cusp of a PMS week. I know, TMI again. But still, gotta paint a clear picture. Then I get up to the counter and turns out there's a banging sale going on so I walk out the door having spent less than 100 bucks. Yeah, that great feeling got my sis 2 shirts and a pair of sunglasses, because not only is she a great shopping companion, it's more fun when someone else shares in the joy. We also hit up the Nike Outlet, where I got another pair of small pants (now my faves) and a windbreaker for another crazy low price. I was on a roll! Last stop was the Ralph Lauren Outlet. I have this urge to own polo shirts, but long or 3/4 sleeve ones are hard to find. I ended up with one polo, one sweater, and cute bracelets. I've got to keep my eye out for more coupons because I can now see why my bros love RL, he makes a great product. Oh, and a pair of shoes so I can put my sad Cole Haan loafers to rest. All in all, a great end to my shopping break. I think I'll take another one for a while. I'll wait for the seasons to settle and to see what I can use from the summer clothes that I've put away. I'm still looking for a pair of khakis and more polos, though. They are a great way to express my 'urban prepster with a hint of boho' look.

Now, the question becomes where to? I'm my dream size, but not my ideal fitness level or weight, not quite healthy. So, I guess now I need to just focus on my training and diet, like I have been and not worry about the scale as much. I know what I need to do: pretty much stay raw vegan and work out at least 4 times a week. That'll get me to Broad Street, SheRox, and whatever else I want to do. And I know by May I'll be at 135, insha Allah. I can feel it in my heart (right under the indigestion)...